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by Aussie Tourist

Everything you may have heard plus more – a must visit!!!
My wife and I decided to spend a couple of days on Pag Island and check out the Zrce beach scene, as we had heard the place was quite amazing for its beach / parties and had become known as the Croatian Ibiza.
Pag Island can be reached from the south by a bridge which links the mainland or by ferry (approx. 15 minute trip) from the mainland which is the most convenient and popular option. Whilst the ferries run continuously during the summer months, it should be noted that during this period, vehicle queues can stretch back a number of kilometres and the wait period for the ferries can be several hours. Queues are naturally much smaller earlier in the morning, than in late morning or later in the day, so if it is possible, an early ferry departure should ideally be planned.
Zrce is approximately 2km from Novalja (one of two main towns on Pag Island and a popular summer resort) and can be reached by regular bus services which run all hours during the summer months; or alternatively by car, where an abundance of parking is provided. Accommodation is plentiful, with many apartments both in Novalja and also the surrounding towns / areas available for rent.
Zrce beach is a lovely long white pebble beach with the most beautiful crystal clear water and having travelled extensively along Croatia’s islands and coastal areas, would have to rate the beach as one of Croatia’s nicest.
At the time of our arrival in the early afternoon, the beach was already well patronised, with young people continuing to stream in throughout the course of the afternoon to enjoy the beach prior to the partying.
Whilst there are some fixed thatched umbrella shade structures on the beach to shelter from the sun, the number is not great; however, it is possible to hire shade umbrellas and sun lounge chairs.
Besides the sunbathing and swimming, there are also numerous other water activities available, such as the large rectangular inflatable structure, where one or two persons can jump off a tower (approximately 3 - 4 metres high) onto the inflatable structure and catapult a person (who sits at the end of the structure) high into the air before landing in the sea; self-propelled hosed water jet ride over the sea; banana boat & tube rides; jet ski hire etc. In addition, there is a bungee jump and at the time of our visit, a roller coaster was in the course of construction.
There are three beach clubs along Zrce beach (i.e. Aquarius, Calypso and Papaya) which are open 24 hours during summer (free entry), where one can purchase meals / drinks and in some cases also sit at tables and chairs in the shallow pools next to the adjoining bar (prior to the commencement of the partying).
At around 4.00pm, things really start to come to life with the music, fun, dancing and the after beach party commencing. Beautiful dancers soon appear on the stage gyrating to the music, whilst virtually everyone else is in their swimwear ready to party, with the shallow pools now becoming filled with people dancing to the music, some of which are sipping on the jumbo 1 litre cocktails that are on offer to purchase.
As the night / early morning wears on, the great music continues and everything continues to pump, with the atmosphere and party scene amazing.
Simply put, Zrce beach is a must visit for all young people who wish to have fun, or even for those who maybe not so young, but are still young at heart. Our experience was both wonderful and memorable and it is little wonder that Zrce has become world acclaimed for its beach parties.

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