Rovinj is one of the most picturesque and romantic places on the Adriatic coast.

It is a resort of Italian flavour, a mix of small fishing boats and luxury yachts in its harbour, surrounded by tall Venetian style houses. Rovinj dates back to medieval times and is full of charm.

There is a good mixture of shops in Rovinj and a large fruit and vegetable market. Take your time as you walk through the narrow cobbled streets and emerge to the coffee bars and restaurant filled piazzas, there you will be able to sit and take in the festival feel that Rovinj so readily offers.

The most significant monument in Rovinj is the Church St Euphemia, the baroque Venetian styled church sits like a jewel in the centre of the other finely crafted architectural buildings that surround it.

If you wish to go further a field from Rovinj, there a large number of boat tours offered from the harbour.



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